Hi! My Name Is Bunny!

Home Made Soap From...Goats Milk?!

What up, What up, What up! My name is Bunny and Ive got one thing to tell you! Buy my soap! 100% organic all natural hand made soap from real goats milk! Products that are not harmful for you or your fur! No preservative! No Silicates! No harmful ingredients what so ever!

My mom decided to help myself and my town get back to square one with cleaning up every bunny all around! It was a great idea that helped me come up and put my friends and family on! So support my initiative and help my come up! BUY MY SOAP!

– Muck Bunny

Natural homemade organic soap bar

Numbers Speak For Themselves!

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A rich lather, it feels very good on my skin!
- Stephanie

Organic & All Natural

100% Natural Ingredients! No Preservatives! No Silicates!

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