Organic and Natural

Hand Made Bar Soap!

Want to have silky and smooth fur?
Buy my soap!

Get Dirty, Don't Stay Clean

Experience clean for the first time again and again and again! So clean you’ll want to get dirty all over again just to use our soap!

No Harmful Ingredients

Only the finest products the Cane Field has to offer and naturally-derived fragrances that smell familiar yet totally new at the same time. #NoPalmOil

Formulated For Any Bunny!

Wild scents, what can I say! Free from Silicates and other Harmful chemicals like palm oil! Designed to meet the specific demands of any bunny!

Are You Ready?

We’ve got you. Check out these tried and true Furry favorites.

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Bunny Bars

Woman Owned & Operated! Hand made from goats milk and other natural ingredients!

Hair Care
(In The Works)

Naturally made products for your fur and hair! Shampoo's, Conditioner's and More!

Shop Merch!
(Coming Soon)

Rock some merch from the Muck! Designed and created to represent Bunny's life and home town!

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It smells so good! I used my first bar so quick I had to go buy more!

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It looks and smells so good I literally could eat it!
Organic and Natural

Hand made bar soap!

Shop Til' You Hop! Bunny Bars Organic Soap!

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